Industry is a burden to society
if it fails to innovate


Innovations only create their full value potential when they are turned into tangible and marketable products. Innovations are doomed all too often to remain on the drawing board or are handed over (too soon) to production facilities in ‘cheap-labor’ countries. Europe in general and the Netherlands in particular lose out on the opportunity to build true value-delivering organizations.

At INND we provide all the know-how required to bridge the gap between innovators and sustainable business. We integrate technological know-how with financial funding and have both the creativity to develop product-concepts from the new technology and deliver solid business plans. In this way, valuable industrial business is built on a solid and profitable foundation of innovative thinking and industrial diligence.

It is our objective to deploy our own private equity in the ventures we undertake in three markets where we have gained extensive experience and where the main (worldwide) drivers for growth create exiting new opportunities.