INND will rely on sound operations management. If this is not in place, INND will ensure an independent solution to secure an efficient operations.

Step 3. Industrialization

With a sound business case, INND will investigate the availability of financial support, be it as subsidies or third-party involvement, and will participate in the venture with its own equity. With our wide network in the industrial arena, we already know or will find those partners that can make the industrialization happen.

Our core competences allow us an active management in the ventures we invest in, focussing on:

  • Strategy & marketing: capturing the true value of the product by actively developing the company strategy & marketing.
  • Competitiveness & cooperations: creating and maintaining a cost-effective supply chain by working with the venture and its partners.

INND invests in a venture until it acquires a level of maturity at which it can grow autonomously and organically. INND intends to divest when the venture is sustainable and financially sound in order to create cash flow for other start-ups.

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