We will invest in opportunities with a minimum of 20% IRR, based on a clear analysis on associated sensitivity and risk.

Step 2. Business concept

Defining the earning mechanism and the potential position in the supply chain are the most important drivers for a sustainable business. We investigate which markets we need to prioritize, how we can define the supply chain in terms of what is physically required  We safeguard ownership of the innovation, investigate potential tariffs involved, look for ways to obtain subsidies and within our industrial network find potential partners and/or suppliers to transform the innovation into a consistent product or service.

In large companies innovations often fail to materialize, because they don’t fit with their core business or economy of scale. INND believes in business concepts that combine the best of both worlds by creating joint ventures with a clear and two-sided beneficial structure. Especially as the infrastructure of these companies can enhance the economic feasibility of innovations. Vice versa, the reputation can benefit from the technological image of innovating products.

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